TOP 7 best beaches in Vietnam

The beaches of different resort cities in Vietnam vary greatly, and what families with children will like is absolutely not suitable for fans of surfing, kiting and other active water activities. To help you decide on a beach holiday resort, we have selected 7 of the best beaches in Vietnam for you.   1. NHA […]

The rules for the import of medicines to the UAE have been changed

Now, before traveling to the UAE, tourists need to fill out a special form for the import of medicines into the country for personal use, a representative of the Ministry of Health and Prevention of the UAE said. The control of this issue has been entrusted to the new service for the import of medicines,

Maldives… how much is in this word!

When we think of the Maldives, we most often imagine a shining sky, a warm Indian Ocean, a snow-white sandy beach on which a happy person walks barefoot and smiles. Nature has worked especially hard on the uniqueness of these islands – more than 1000 coral islands united in atolls, crossing the equator in the

STOPOVER in Doha: hotel, transfer, meals

For transit passengers with long-term connections at Doha International Airport, Qatar Airways provides hotel accommodation, transfer and catering services. This service is provided only if the following requirements are met: 1) Forced docking (there are no other Qatar Airways flights with a connection of less than 8 hours). 2) The transit time in Doha is

In 2019, we look down on the world – we visit 5 cities with the tallest skyscrapers

Striving upward through the centuries – Egyptian pyramids, medieval Gothic cathedrals, the first skyscrapers of the nineteenth century, modern skyscrapers. If people don’t have wings, then we’ll climb higher! 1. Dubai (UAE) – the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, the leader in the number of tallest skyscrapers. The tallest building in the world

Why fly to the Seychelles?

A tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean, east of the African mainland, just south of the equator. You are asking us why to fly there? For the best beach vacation? – Yes! There is no such splendor and variety of beaches anywhere in the world. Beaches are the hallmark of Seychelles, they are so diverse

6 capitals to visit

It’s time to plan interesting trips! We offer to combine a cultural program with a vacation – To your attention 6 capitals to visit: 1. Rome (Italy) – an eternal city, where you want to come back again and again, and rediscover it every time. The most beautiful city in the world with an ancient

Thai traditions — every day has its own color

Each day of the week in Thailand corresponds to a patron god and a planet or star. On each day, the locals try to wear clothes of only certain colors in order to gain the favor of the deity, attract good luck and protect themselves from committing bad deeds. And such a tradition allows you

10 natural Wonders of Italy

What do we know about Italy besides pizza, coffee, wine and shopping? The eternal city of Rome, the fashion capital Milan, and the Vatican are far from everything. We bring to your attention 10 natural wonders of one of the most beautiful countries in the world: 1. Lake Bryce An incredibly beautiful pristine mountain lake,

The best cities to relax with dogs

A dog is man’s best friend, and we are ready for anything for a friend! Going on a trip, we want the trip to bring joy not only to us, but also to our pets. Do you want your dog to feel like a VIP? We know where you can pamper him! The best cities

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